Get Ready For Battle: 75337 AT-TE Walker Review

Facing its first engagement at the end of Attack of the Clones, where it was deployed to support the battle-green Grand Army of the Republic in their first engagement of the Clone Wars, the ominously named All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) saw action right through to the Republic’s last face-off with Separatist forces at the Battle of Utapau.

First introduced to the growing Attack of the Clone collection in 2003, 4482 AT-TE came with a complement of four identical Clone Trooper minifigures and a speeder bike, and was a chunky build. Updated in 2008 for the first wave of the new Clone Wars collection, 7675 AT-TE Walker was a refined version of the previous model and included a more varied assortment of minifigures that included Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper and Battle Droid minifigures, plus Rotta the Huttlet.

It would take another seven years before LEGO revisited this vehicle, when – in 2013 – they released 75019 AT-TE, which was intended to support the canceled Attack of the Clones 3D theatrical release. This third AT-TE came with a new style of battle droid and added Coleman Trobor to the ranks of Jedi minifigures.

Filling in the nine year gap between 75019 AT-TE and the most current version was 75157 Captain Rex’s AT-TE, released in 2016 as part of the Rebels collection of sets. Underneath all the extra decks and davit cranes, this beat up piece of war scrap is clearly the design inspiration for the latest AT-TE update to come from the LEGO Star Wars team.

75337 AT-TE-Walker

Recreate the Battle of Utapau with this fantastic LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-TE Walker (75337). A great gift idea for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith fans aged 9 and up, this building toy features posable legs, a 360-degree-rotating elevating heavy blaster cannon with 2 stud shooters, a detachable minifigure cockpit and 2 detailed cabins with space for up to 7 LEGO minifigures in total. Each of the cabins opens for easy play and an extendable handle makes it simple to lift and move the AT-TE. Battle action The set includes 5 LEGO minifigures – Commander Cody, a 212th Clone Gunner and 3 212th Clone Troopers – to pit against 3 Battle Droid LEGO figures and a buildable Dwarf Spider Droid, plus assorted cool weapons. Find building instructions in the box and on the LEGO Building Instructions app, which has interactive viewing tools to enhance the creative experience. Popular building toys Explore the entire LEGO Star Wars range to discover other construction sets to delight people of all ages.
  • AT-TE Walker building toy (75337) – Kids can recreate the Battle of Utapau with this detailed LEGO® Star Wars™ version of an AT-TE Walker from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
  • 5 LEGO® minifigures and 3 LEGO droid figures – Commander Cody, a 212th Clone Gunner, 3 212th Clone Troopers and 3 Battle Droids, all with weapons, plus a buildable Dwarf Spider Droid
  • Designed for play – The AT-TE has posable legs and an extendable handle to lift and move it, and the detachable cockpit and the 2 detailed cabins for Clone Troopers are easy to access
  • Playful features – A 360-degree-rotating elevating heavy blaster cannon with 2 stud shooters and a seat for the 212th Clone Gunner, 6 blaster cannons, 2 thermal detonator elements and more
  • Gift idea for ages 9 and up – Give this 1,082-piece buildable toy playset as a birthday or holiday gift to kids who love Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and any LEGO® Star Wars™ collector
  • Build together – Kids and their friends, siblings or parents can share the fun of building the AT-TE Walker, which measures over 7.5 in. (19 cm) high, 17 in. (44 cm) long and 9.5 in. (24 cm) wide
  • App-assisted building – Find step-by-step illustrated instructions in the box and check out the LEGO® Building Instructions app for digital instructions and interactive viewing tools
  • Fun for all ages – LEGO® Star Wars™ building sets allow kids and adult fans to recreate their favorite scenes, make up original stories or simply display the buildable models
  • Quality assurance – LEGO® bricks and pieces meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that they are compatible and connect securely for robust builds
  • Safety first – LEGO® components are thoroughly tested to make sure that they satisfy rigorous global safety standards
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Enclosed in a box wrapped in action-packed graphics that put this AT-TE Walker squarely in the middle of the Battle of Utapau, this is the first time fans have seen this multi-purpose, mechanized artillery/troop transport in a Revenge of the Sith setting. The main image shows the primary build surrounded by Separatist and Republic infantry, led by Commander Cody, who is the focus of the minifigure splash in the bottom left corner.

Given the box’s narrow depth and the bulk nature of the AT-TE, getting this model back in the box (if that’s your bag) after it’s completed is going to be as big a task as building it – which takes between two and two-and-a-half hours – in the first place.

The first bag – full of Separatist battle droid and dwarf spider droid parts – is pretty underwhelming, but the pace picks up once the pieces for the AT-TE are on the table. The chassis is first, then the cockpit and central body, followed by the forward armaments and the legs. This section of the build is repetitive at times, but none of these steps are so long that they are boring. The fifth bag plates the walker in its studded armor and before you know it you’re emptying out the sixth and final bag out, adding the rear weapons, top hull plates and finishing it off with the mass-driver cannon on the top of the walker.

The slide-out cockpit, which has room for one seated minifigure, can almost accommodate a second standing minifigure in the dead space at the back. Behind the cab is the first crew compartment, which is exposed by tilting up the lid that supports the main cannon, which can host two minifigures and contains a crate holding a pair of binoculars and a rack with two thermal detonators.

The central body is purely structural and allows for the articulated mid-legs to hand off the body, as well as the top hull plates hinge upwards.

Below the rearmost hull lid is another cabin that can hold five minifigures, including a position for a rear gunner. Accessories in this area include a gun rack, a mug, and a fire extinguisher (or maybe it’s a soda fountain?).

Tallying up all the seats – which totals nine – in the AT-TE , there’s space for an additional four minifigures. Could this indicate that a 212th Attack Battalion battle pack is in the works?

Led by Clone Marshall Commander CC-2224 – aka Cody – who has never been seen in minifigure form before, the rest of the 212th Attack Battalion is represented by three Clone Troopers and a Clone Gunner. While the 212th has been expressed in minifigure form in two sets released in 2013 and 2014 (75013 Umbaran MHC (Mobile Heavy Cannon) and 75036 Utapau Troopers respectively), these come with all new helmet, torso and leg prints.

Accompanying these are three identical battle droids minifigures, armed with blasters and supported by a brick-built dwarf spider droid.

Combining an iconic vehicle in a fun build, with a selection of popular minifigures, at a reasonable price, 75337 AT-TE Walker is going to be a hot seller – where it is available for years to come. Unfortunately for North American fans, this set has been the victim of supply chain issues and was not made available as part of the Summer wave launch.

Available now in the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia/New Zealand via and its branded and certified outlets, Argos (UK), Smyths Toys (United Kingdom and Germany), Toys “R” Us in Canada and Australia.

Readers in North America (United States and Canada) who want to secure theirs before they are in stock on can do so through Entertainment Earth, who are taking pre-orders now for September delivery.

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