Does 75332 AT-ST Meet Expectations?

With the immense popularity of the Hoth sets that filled up the Winter wave, it’s not surprising that LEGO had a toddler-friendly version up their sleeve, and this one fits the bill while adding to the Summer tempo with its Endor accents.

The concept of juniorized building elements – the use of larger parts that makes the set easier for younger LEGO builders to enjoy – crept into the Town theme in the early 80s, and while it was decried at the time, has become a standard part of any build that it isn’t a Technic of Ultimate Collector Series model.

So much so, that LEGO created the Junior theme in the early 2000s, and since 2019 – when LEGO introduced the 4+ subtheme – has been part of the LEGO Star Wars license. Typically released in the Winter wave as one of the cheaper sets, this latest addition was held back until the warmer months.

75332 AT-ST

Invite young kids to learn to build and play in the thrilling LEGO® Star Wars™ universe, with this AT-ST (75332) starter set. An ideal gift for ages 4 and up, it features an easy-to-build 4+ version of the AT-ST walker from Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, with a minifigure cockpit. There are also Wicket, Scout Trooper and AT-ST Driver LEGO minifigures with weapons, plus a speeder and Ewok lookout with a tree and catapult to role-play Battle of Endor scenes. App-assisted building Check out the free LEGO Building Instructions app for digital instructions, plus zoom and rotate viewing tools, to make the creative experience even more fun and rewarding for children. The 4+ experience LEGO Star Wars 4+ building toys give younger kids aged 4 and up the best introduction to LEGO building and the Star Wars saga. With Starter Brick bases to help them, they can construct vehicles, buildings and more – on their own or with help from an older sibling or adult – and get playing fast.
  • Learn-to-build LEGO® Star Wars™ set – Introduce young children to Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi adventures with the LEGO 4+ version of an AT-ST (75332), featuring a Starter Brick for a quick build
  • 3 LEGO® minifigures with weapons – Wicket the Ewok with a bow and arrow, and a Scout Trooper and AT-ST Driver, each with a blaster pistol, to role-play Battle of Endor action
  • Posable AT-ST walker, speeder and Ewok lookout – The AT-ST has a cockpit for the AT-ST Driver, and the Ewok hideoutfeatures a tree and a catapult for Wicket to launch stone elements
  • Gift idea for ages 4+ – Easy to build and rebuild after battles, this 87-piece LEGO® Star Wars™ starter set makes a fun birthday present, holiday gift or surprise treat for creative kids aged 4 and up
  • Portable play – The brick-built AT-ST model measures over 4.5 in. (12 cm) high, 2.5 in. (6 cm) long and 3 in. (8 cm) wide, so it fits easily into a child’s backpack ready for play on the go
  • Fun to build together – This setis designed to help young children learn to build independently or with the assistance of an older sibling or adult
  • Go digital – Make building this set extra exciting for youngsters with digital instructions, available in the LEGO® Building Instructions app, featuring zoom and rotate viewing tools
  • The 4+ experience – LEGO® Star Wars™ 4+ construction toys give kids a fun introduction to the Star Wars universe, helping them learn to build and develop their imaginations through play
  • Quality assurance – LEGO® components comply with the highest industry standards to ensure a consistent, secure connection and robust builds
  • Safety first – LEGO® components are tested to the max to make sure that they satisfy stringent global safety standards
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Stocked on the lower shelves and arriving in a chunky, square box whose proportions are aimed at attracting the eye of younger shoppers, the imagery on the front depicts the valiant Ewok youngling, Wicket, facing down not one but two full-sized Imperial assailants with little more than sticks and stones! If that’s not sending a lesson then the graphic artist who designed it is subconsciously channeling some inner frustration!

Contained inside are two separate builds, allowing the set to be put together simultaneously by friends or in by one builder who needs to take a break between sections. The first bag contains the elements and instructions for the Imperial AT-ST, and the second holds everything needed for the Ewok tree fort and catapult.

The instructions booklets, in the new minimalist style that has become commonplace, are surprisingly thick. Opening either up shows why – instead of the small inventory boxouts the lefthand page has an iconograph showing what pieces are needed for the step printed on the righthand page. These larger new-for-2022 images are easier for children to interpret, and the simpler approach to building the model will prevent them from being overwhelmed.

Containing three primary play elements – the AT-ST, a speeder bike, and a treehouse, the accompanying three minifigures – which are just right for the set – are an open invitation for play.

To answer the question posed in the title of this review, it all depends on how old you are. An adult – who isn’t a suitable yardstick for this set – is going to put this together in a matter of minutes, while a much younger builder can enjoy more than half an hour assembling this two-stage project.

Even more basic than 7127 AT-ST, released in 2001, this is the most basic 4+ set in the LEGO Star Wars theme. Containing three pieces (the cockpit’s main body and the two legs) that would have been made up of a dozen or so pieces each in a set aimed at an older builder, the 87-part count hardly justifies the price tag. Including another Ewok figure, so that the tree fort can be defended and the catapult armed, would have made the set more attractive to parents looking to buy it for a child.

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