Minifig Focus: 10123 Cloud City

Hunted by the Empire after the Rebel defeat at the Battle of Hoth, Han Solo and Princess Leia seek refuge in Cloud City, run by Lando Calrissian, but Boba Fett has already figured out the Millennium Falcon’s destination and alerts Darth Vader, and together they set a trap to lure Luke Skywalker there.

With a total of seven minifigures – plus a carbonite brick with Han Solo encased in it – 10123 Cloud City is full of great characters that include four new minifigures.

Darth Vader

Fresh out of his meditation chamber and charged by Emperor Palpatine with the task of capturing Luke Skywalker in order to turn him to the Dark Side, Darth Vader concocts his own plot to lure his son to his side.

Darth Vader (sw004)

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in science fiction; even those who aren’t Star Wars fans can recognize him. LEGO has featured him in numerous sets, and there are 26 recognized variants making him one of the most released minifigures.

This version, being the first of this minifigure, was minted in 1999 and is the most simplistic version of Darth Vader. A more LEGO-ized helmet covers a light gray head with a one-sided print of Vader’s face. The included cloth cape is the standard starched fabric that had been used on countless minifigures before it, the torso has a simple print depicting a limited amount of armor and chest plate, and the legs are plain black.


The ubiquitous foot soldiers of the Empire enforced the Empire’s rule when Cloud City was occupied after Vader’s arrival.

Stormtrooper (sw0036)

The earliest form of the Stormtrooper was a very simple affair: a bulbous helmet that didn’t reflect the lines of the ones seen in the movies, a plain yellow head that lacked any print, a rudimentary armor graphic on one side of the torso, white legs with black hips and a megaphone for a blaster.

Updated a year later, 10123 Cloud City was the last set to include this version of the Stormtrooper minifigure. In coming years there would be 13 other variants of the stock Stormtrooper released.

Boba Fett

While he might now be the most renowned bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy, his first appearance in a Star Wars movie was understated, yet still underlined with potency. Charged by Darth Vader with capturing Han Solo, he tapped into his long history with the smuggler to get one hyperspace jump ahead of his old nemesis to beat Han to Cloud City.

Boba Fett (sw0107)

The first big minifigure upgrade in the Star Wars theme, this minifigure was a huge leap forward in accuracy. While it retained the helmet/jetpack, black head and torso print that the first Boba Fett (sw0002) minifigure came with in 7144 Slave I, this exclusive version had printed arms, waist and leg parts. On top of that, the included megaphone blaster had a trans-orange 1×1 round stud attached to it.

Han Solo

Rogue, smuggler and Rebel hero, Han Solo was the full package whose presence in seven Star Wars movies etched the character’s place in the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.

Han Solo (sw0045)

A rehash of the Han Solo in his Bespin fatigues that came in 3341 Star Wars #2 minifig triple-pack in 2000, this version came with a blaster to allow for action roleplay. This was the last time this particular minifigure was ever seen.

Princess Leia

Fearless leader on both the battlefield and political arena, the last surviving member of the royal family of Alderaan revealed a soft spot for scoundrels while she was Darth Vader’s prisoner on Cloud City.

Princess Leia (sw0104)

Until the release of 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City in 2018, this minifigure was the only way LEGO Star Wars fans could own Princess Leia in the iconic flowing gown that she wore when she graced the city in the clouds. While she was given legs instead of an angled leg piece, the torso print – which still remains unique to this minifigure – depicted the flowing lines and soft materials of her new wardrobe. Topping the standard yellow head, printed with the Leia face print that was common when it was released, was the same hairpiece that came with the original Padme Naberrie minifigure in 1999.

Luke Skywalker

The original last Jedi, Luke faced his own trials at Cloud City after he abandoned his training on Dagobah to race off to an uncertain future when he feared that his friends were in danger – and walked into a trap.

Luke Skywalker (sw0103)

Still one of the rarest characters in the LEGO Star Wars pantheon, this rendition of Luke Skywalker in his jacket and training fatigues has only been repeated once. A simple blend of hard-wearing tan torso and legs with printed pockets with a reddish-brown waist that has a belt buckle, this minifigure came with a lightsaber that had a chrome-plated handle.

Aside from the updated version that was included in the new Cloud City set – 75222 Betrayal at Cloud City – Luke in his less formal, mud-splattered attire could be found in three different minifigures that came with various versions of Yoda’s hut.

Lando Calrissian

Introduced as the chief administrator of Cloud City, Lando – who was accompanied by his cyborg sidekick – sold out his friend Han Solo to the Empire, only to be double-crossed by Vader.

Lando Calrissian (sw0105)

This minifigure stood out from every other LEGO Star Wars minifigure released before it because it was the first in the theme to use a realistic skin tone instead of the classic yellow, a change first made by LEGO when they released their NBA series of sets earlier in the same year 10123 Cloud City came out. Also coming with a unique torso and face print, this minifigure came with the first-ever cloak that had a different color on each side. This exact minifigure represented the classic line-up in the series of re-released 20th anniversary minifigures in 2019, coming with a logo printed on the back.

The minifigures that came with 10123 Cloud City are considered to be one of the most well-rounded collection to come with a single set, allowing for a full scope of play that covered all the key action which took place at this location during The Empire Strikes Back.

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