Minifigs Of 75332 AT-ST: You Can’t Miss The Bear

On the Forest Moon of Endor, the Empire sets up a shield generator bunker to help protect the Death Star II. The Rebel Alliance has set its sights on this bunker. Unbeknownst to them at the time of deployment, the Rebels would be assisted by some furry friends in taking down the Empire.

With a total of three minifigures all of which are new variants, 75332 AT-ST offers more than meets the eye.

Imperial AT-ST Driver

Imperial AT-ST Drivers – also known as AT-ST Pilots – were Imperial Army combat drivers that were specifically trained to operate the All Terrain Scout Transport.

These drivers traditionally wore an all-gray one-piece jumpsuit with minimal armor plating. They wore an open-face gray helmet with a black chin strap and had black blast goggles to protect their eyes. Now that we are back on Endor for this set, this Driver dons the standard uniform.

Atypical for LEGO sets in today’s market, this version is actually a bit of a downgrade from the last AT-ST Driver. Reverting from the printed legs of the one included in AT-ST Walker, this version comes with plain light bluish gray legs. The torso has less detailing on the gray jumpsuit but adds slightly to the belt buckle. The head and helmet are identical to the Hoth-based version released earlier this year in 75322 Hoth AT-ST. He comes equipped with a small blaster.

Scout Trooper

Also known as Biker Scouts, Scout Troopers were a specialized subgroup of Stormtroopers primarily skilled in reconnaissance.

Scout Troopers wore light armor to increase their maneuverability and stealthiness. However, since only their helmet and breastplate were armored, this meant that they had greater vulnerability. Their helmets included electromagnetic vision enhancement visors and a boosted comlink system for long-range communication.

This version of the Scout Trooper utilizes the same torso, legs, and dual-molded helmet as the two prior versions (sw1007 and sw1116). What sets this Trooper apart is the reddish brown female head under the helmet that was first used on one of the Snowtroopers in the 75313 AT-AT. She comes equipped with an EC-17 hold-out blaster and sits upon her 614-AvA speeder bike.


Wicket, whose full name is Wicket Wystri Warrick, is a male Ewok scout native to the planet of Endor who helped the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

Ewoks are a furry bipedal species. They are largely primitive creatures but are quick learners. Most stand about a meter tall but are stronger than the average adult human.

The last time that we saw Wicket was in 2019 with the release of 75238 Action Battle Endor Assault. Compared to this one, the newest version has added increased detailing to the modified headpiece. The markings at the top of the hood have been improved, and for the first time, there are additional texture lines printed on the lower part of the hood. The face print remains largely the same. The body is still plain reddish brown with short legs. He comes equipped with a bow and arrow.

For minifigure collectors, this set offers three new variants. If you are a completionist or don’t have any prior versions of these three characters, it may be better to buy the entire set instead of trying to purchase these on the secondary market due to the lower price. However, if you are someone only looking for the best version of each character then it may be worth buying just Wicket separately.

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