Sith Trooper

Description: Dark Red Outfit
ID: sw0436
Year Released: 2013
Found In: 75001

Image Qty Item No Color Description
198177pr0002BlackHelmet Sith Trooper with Wide Red Stripe, Breathing Mask and Imperial Print
1970c00pr0470Dark RedLegs and Hips with Sith Trooper Armour and Silver and Black Knee-Pads Print
1973c12h03pr2253Dark RedTorso Armor, Sith Trooper with Black and Silver Print, Dark Bluish Gray Arms, Black Hands
13626cpr0903Light NougatMinifig Head Shredder / Tor-An, Eyebrows, Frown and Cheek Lines Print [Hollow Stud]
Image Qty Item No Color Description