Inferno Squad Agent

Description: with Utility Belt (Frown)
ID: sw0986
Year Released: 2019
Found In: 75226

Image Qty Item No Color Description
187556pr0007BlackHelmet AT-AT / Tie Pilot, Red Inferno Squad Agent Print
1970c00pr1622BlackLegs and Hips with Pilot Suit
127145BlackMinifig Hipwear Utility Belt
1973c03h03pr4535BlackTorso Armor, with Shoulder Strap, and Belt with Silver Buckle Print, Black Arms and Hands
13626cpr1709Light NougatMinifig Head, Dark Brown Furrowed Eyebrows, White Pupils, Straight Line Mouth (Frown) and Curved Chin Line Print [Hollow Stud]
Image Qty Item No Color Description