10186 General Grievous

Subtheme:Ultimate Collector SeriesAvailability:Retail (Exclusive)
Part Count:1085Packaging Type:Box (Cardboard)
Price:$89.99Year Released:2008
Minifigures:0Year Retired:-
VIP Points:-Ages:14+
Period:Prequel TrilogyMovie:Revenge of the Sith

Face the might of the ultimate General Grievous! The towering cyborg commander of the Separatist forces lives! Wielding lightsabers in each of his four robotic arms, General Grievous prepares to battle the Jedi Knights in a fight for the fate of the galaxy. Standing 18 inches (46 cm) tall on its rotating display base and plaque, this detailed and authentic Star Wars model features poseable hips and neck and a split-apart chestplate revealing Grievous' organs hidden beneath!

  • Includes translucent "light saber" elements!
  • Model features poseable neck, arms and hips!
  • Split-apart chestplate opens to reveal Grievous' organs!
  • Includes rotating display stand! Stands 18 inches (46 cm) tall with stand!



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