7666 Hoth Rebel Base

Subtheme:SystemAvailability:Retail (General)
Part Count:548Packaging Type:Box (Cardboard)
Price:$49.99Year Released:2007
Minifigures:8Year Retired:-
VIP Points:-Ages:8-12
Period:Original TrilogyMovie:The Empire Strikes Back

Battle for the ice planet Hoth. The Empire has discovered the secret Rebel base on Hoth! Defend Echo Base with the snowspeeder and firing laser turret. Turn the gear to open the sliding blast doors, but watch out for the Imperial probe droid and the snowtroopers with their blaster cannon!

• Limited edition set features detailed command center, rotating repair platform and crane and removable spare engine. • Includes 7 LEGO minifigures: Luke Skywalker, co-pilot Dak Ralter, 2 Hoth Rebel troopers, 2 Imperial Snowtroopers and all-new K-3PO protocol droid.



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