Countdown 2021

Day 20: IG-11

This bounty hunter-turned-babysitter made a strong impact with Star Wars fans – as well an unwitting squad of stormtroopers – in the three episodes (not counting the statuesque cameo in the second season’s fourth episode) […]

LSW Collector App

DESCRIPTIONREVIEWCONTACTUPDATES DESCRIPTIONREVIEWCONTACTUPDATES LSW Collector is the most detailed collecting app around for figures from a galaxy far, far away and is the perfect way to catalog your collection on your Apple iOS and Android devices! […]


The Dune Abides At LEGO

Despite the actress who plays Cara Dune in The Mandalorian being dropped from the cast after a contentious tweet earlier this year and a question mark over the character’s continuance in The Mandalorian, LEGO have […]